Hi, my name is Polar, I'm a
Passionate software developer.

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I'm a 16-year-old with experience in several languages and frameworks including Python, Java, Visual Basic, node.js, C#, Golang, HTML, CSS, SQL, and MongoDB.

I've worked with many high profile clients before such as WatchMojo.com, JessGOAT, and r/SmashBrosUltimate

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Previous Works


Discord bot with sophisticated suggestion and giveaway systems, built using discord.py and MongoDB. I'm the only developer of the bot and I work on it in my free time.

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Discord bot commissioned by WatchMojo.com for their Discord server. Some features include auto moderation, automated community post announcements from their community post tab on YouTube.

"I was introduced to Polar by a Discord partner, when I was looking to have a custom bot done. He is definitely a passionate, and hardworking developer that anyone could look for. When he says he will get the job done, he definitely will."

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GoatBoat - JessGOAT

Discord bot commissioned by JessGOAT for her Discord server. The bot would automatically post any new tweets that she has posted on her Twitter and announce any YouTube videos she has posted within 15 minutes of the video being posted.

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A bridge between Discord and Twitch to allow users to talk to each other from either or. Built with Python using discord.py, twitchio, and MongoDB.

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Hacktoberfest 2020

I took part in Hacktoberfest 2020 which empowers developers to take part in open source repositories on GitHub.

Edit .py files for readability. My attempt at FizzBuzz. Redo GuessGame.py. Notes added. My attempt at fizzBuzzInterviewQuestions.

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